Frequently asked questions about group closures.

Unfortunately, you have received an unpleasant message from us about temporary closure of your group or branch. This means that children cannot attend this branch on that day. We realise this is very inconvenient and we are sorry to have to make this decision.

What is the reason for this temporary closure?

The childcare sector has been suffering from serious staff shortages for a while, and our branches are no different. This makes it difficult to complete staff schedules every week. We are doing everything we can to keep our branches open. In doing so, we are bound by laws and regulations.

Daycare closure process | Out-of-school care closure process


Why are groups being closed? 
There is a shortage of staff within our organisation. This means it is a challenge every day to find enough pedagogical assistants to care for all the children. If a team member drops out unexpectedly, it is sometimes not possible to schedule enough pedagogical assistants in a group. 

What are you doing to prevent group closures? 
We never close a group for no reason. A lot happens behind the scenes before we do. But sometimes there is no solution, and the only option is to close a group. Read the factsheet:

Daycare closure process | Out-of-school care closure process 

What are you doing in the short term to prevent closure?
There are a number of steps branch managers take before they decide to close. Can we schedule in team members from a different group or branch? Or an employee from the flex pool? Can we merge groups if the number of children allows this? Are there colleagues who want to work more hours this week? We greatly appreciate the extra efforts and flexibility of team members. But we also want to prevent the workload from getting too heavy. If the answer to all these questions is ‘no’, we will decide to close. This decision is made no later than three days in advance. Of course, we will inform you sooner if we know about a closure earlier. However, there is still always a chance of unexpected closures. For example, because of situations on the previous day or the same morning. 

Why are groups at my branches constantly closed, and not at other branches? 
This depends on several factors. Such as open vacancies, or team members who are on long-term sick leave.  

Small(er) branches are more vulnerable than larger branches. If a branch is bigger, we have more options for moving pedagogical assistants around. We can also merge groups. What’s more, some branches have more open vacancies than other branches. 

What does the familiar-face criterion mean? 
The familiar-face criterion means that there is a trusted pedagogical assistant who provides emotional security for a child. This team member knows how the child is developing, what they need and what makes them anxious. These familiar faces should not change too often. So on the day a child attends, at least one of the child’s familiar faces will be working with the group. You can read more about this on the central government website.  

Why am I only being informed that the group is closing a day in advance? 
We work with minimal staffing. This leaves us vulnerable to unexpected events, such as an early morning sick call. If there is no other solution, we are sometimes forced to close a group at the last minute. We aim to make this decision at least three days in advance. This way, you still have time to find another (childcare) solution. 

Why am I informed via email/parent portal? Why can’t you phone me? 
When we have to close an entire group, we will send a message via the parent portal, as well as an email. After all, phoning all the parents is a lot of work. Also, we want to reach everyone. This is not always possible by telephone. 

Can I also receive a push notification? 
The parent portal does not offer push notifications. However, you will also receive an email of every message in the parent portal, if you have set this up in the parent portal. As such, you are informed in several ways.  

How can I give more people access to the app? 
You can link two email addresses to the parent portal. It is important that both email addresses are known in our system. If you are not sure, please contact us to check.  

We are available on 040 - 294 89 89 from Monday to Friday between 08:30 and 12:30 or via  

Will I be compensated for a closure? 
Yes, if we have to close our branch or group, you will be compensated for these hours. Read all about it at  

I am reading things in the media about parents paying for childcare that is not being provided. Why is that? 
If we close a branch temporarily because we do not have enough pedagogical assistants, you will receive compensation for the hours your child did not attend childcare. Go to to read more about this. 

I was recently asked to cancel my child’s session. Why do you do this? 
Sometimes, we can still keep the group open if one less child attends. In a situation like this, we ask you to cancel your child’s session. Of course, we will compensate you: we will refund the excess amount to your bank account. 

What are you doing about the staff shortage? 
We are doing everything we can to hire new team members. We are actively looking on LinkedIn and other social media. We are also working with Summa College, and we are offering internships and apprenticeships. New employees are offered great onboarding as well as a permanent contract. What’s more, we are retraining pedagogical assistants so they are more broadly employable. 
Not everyone can just work at a childcare centre. In order to be able to offer childcare, we are also bound by the laws and regulations as described on the central government website

Can’t you make the groups bigger? 
Good childcare is of paramount importance. Children should feel safe, and have space to develop. For this reason, the government has drawn up quality requirements that childcare organisations must meet. These requirements are part of the Childcare Innovation and Quality Act (wet IKK). 

Are there any plans to close groups altogether? So that there is more staff for other branches? 
We want to offer childcare in the vicinity of parents’ work or home. Therefore, we fundamentally choose not to close down any branches. 

Can’t someone from a different branch just come to help? 
If it is possible, we will use pedagogical assistants at several branches.  

Can’t my child go to a different group or branch? 
Sometimes, we can merge groups. If we can, we will. It is more complicated to care for your child at a different branch: legislation and regulations will not allow this to happen. 

Why don’t you work together with other organisations? 
Other childcare organisations have the same problem. They are also struggling with staff shortages.  

Why can’t we as parents help in the group? 
The law states that there is a maximum number of children one pedagogical assistant can be responsible for. This is called the staff-to-child ratio (BKR ratio). Older children are less dependent and need less support from a pedagogical assistant. There is a calculation tool that childcare organisations can use to determine how man pedagogical assistants are needed at groups of certain ages. Volunteers do not count in the BKR ratio calculation. Therefore, asking parents or other unqualified volunteers does not help. You can find more information about this on the central government website. 

I have a question, comment or complaint, what should I do? 

You can submit your question, comment or complaint here. If you would prefer to speak to someone in person, please contact us as follows:  

We are available on 040 - 294 89 89 from Monday to Friday between 08:30 and 12:30 or via  

How can I cancel the daycare? What is the notice period? 
You can cancel in writing: send an email to Childcare can be terminated per day and the notice period is one month. We use the date on which your email arrives to us when processing your cancellation. 

What can we do as parents to make a difference? 
Each branch has a local parents’ committee you can contact. For more information, go to this page.  

What can I expect for the period ahead? Fewer closures? Or even more?
Unfortunately, we are expecting more closures caused by staff shortages in the near future. We are doing everything we can to hire new team members through all possible channels.