A development-oriented approach when working with toddlers.

Children want to move around. They want to discover the world, gain experience, and broaden their horizons. With us, your toddler will get every chance to develop its greatest potential. In a playful way and at its own pace. We’ve adopted a development-oriented approach. We use VVE (early childhood education) methods as a support.


What is Early Childhood Education?
In Dutch, VVE stands for ‘Preschool and Early School Education.’ It does not have a school-like nature: everything occurs in a playful and informal manner. Toddlers learn by doing; by feeling and experiencing things physically. The VVE method enriches the environment and provides the pedagogical staff members with handles to respond to the natural development process of toddlers. All development areas are covered:

• Social development: the children learn from each other in a group
• Social-emotional development: a child’s personal development
• Cognitive development: language and speech, thinking logically
• Physical and sensory development
• Moral development: standards and values
• Creative development

How does the development-oriented approach of Korein work?The following are the most important elements of a development-oriented approach when working with toddlers/VVE (early childhood education):

• We follow every child’s development and adapt to it.
• Your child can independently get materials in several corners: the reading corner, the building corner, and the home corner.
• We work with themes your child recognizes. For example: autumn, little shop, or party. This way, activities are given coherence and your child will enjoy them more.
• The daily routine will provide your child with an overview as well as clarity. We work with daily routine cards. The boxes with play materials contain recognizable pictograms.

Collaboration with schools.
Korein often collaborates with primary schools. Is the branch part of a Spilcentrum or community school? In that case, the VVE (early childhood education) method pertains to the method followed by the school. We ensure that the pedagogical vision and the range of activities are geared to one another. This way, your child will quickly feel at home in year 1!

A continuous thread.
Korein collaborates with primary schools on a continuous thread: pedagogical staff members and teachers learn from each other how the children are doing. This contact does not stop at the toddler age. Because a lot of children go to Korein's out-of-school care.

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