Play group.

2 to 4 years.

When children explore and discover, they are actively developing. Toddlers are particularly eager to get to know the world around them. We stimulate their natural curiosity in an exciting and informative environment with challenging activities. Just the thing for your toddler to find out what he or she likes and is good at. Toddlers are given space to try new things, climb and leap and skip and take initiatives. Space to fall and get back up and most of all, to not always colour inside the lines. We love children that do things their own way!


Playing and lots of learning.
We encourage your child’s development using VVE methods specifically aimed at a toddler’s development phase. We use topics that are interesting to toddlers to work on their social skills, language and number skills, and motor skills. We work together with a primary school and adapt our methods to theirs, preparing your child for a great start at school.

Toddlers spend half-days at the preschool play group during school weeks. There is no play group during school holidays. The available play group half-days vary at each branch. Read more about your branches' play group on the dedicated pages.

A VVE indication may also affect the number of play group hours you can book. Read more about this on the play group rates page.

What should you bring?
We will provide fruit, drinks and nappies for as long as needed. It means there’s more space in your child’s bag for his or her favourite cuddly toy. And don’t forget to pack an extra set of clothes, but not Sunday best, because we are busy exploring!

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Will we see you soon?

Thanks for finding us! You are warmly invited to come and experience the environment we create at any of our branches. Would you like to calculate the cost of childcare first? View our products and rates or use our calculation tool for a quick overview of costs! For personal advice, please call +31 (0)40 294 89 89.