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Are you entitled to childcare allowance? See below what you need for your calculation.

Please note: the calculation tool should not be used if you would like to use our toddler care (playgroup) but you do not qualify for childcare allowance.
View the rates for toddler care here and find out how you can calculate your personal contribution. 

Information needed for your calculation:
Because childcare allowance is means-tested (dependent on your income), you have to know your total income per year. Your total income is what you and a possible (allowance) partner earn on a yearly basis, minus all tax deductions. Your total annual income can be found on your latest provisional income tax assessment.

You can also estimate the total income by multiplying your gross monthly salary by 13 (12 months + holiday allowance) and deducting your mortgage costs, if applicable. Or you could use the Dutch Tax & Customs Administration (Dienst Toeslagen) website to estimate your total income.

Our calculation tool gives you the answers straight away. Personal and without obligation.

Childcare Benefit.

You can read everything you want to know about the Childcare Benefit here.