Customer response.

Complaints, points for improvement and compliments.

At Korein, we really appreciate your opinion. We are happy with compliments and suggestions, but we also welcome tips and complaints. Any feedback is used to improve the services we provide. Please discuss anything with those directly involved, such as the staff member or branch manager, so they can take action immediately.

If you can’t resolve the issue together, please send us a message using our response form.


Complaints procedure.
1. We believe that dissatisfaction should be tackled at the root, where it started. If a conversation does not lead to resolution, or if you wish to report your complaint to the organisation, please complete the response form below. This form is sent directly to the Pedagogy and Quality department of our parent company Wij zijn JONG.

2. You will receive a written response within one week, with information about who will be dealing with your feedback. In most cases, the person dealing with your feedback will be the manager of your branch or a staff member at one of the supporting departments. The complaint will then be carefully investigated and you will be kept informed as much as possible about the progress of the handling. The Pedagogy and Quality department registers how the customer feedback is processed and creates a file. Considering the type of complaint, it will be handled as soon as possible, but no later than six weeks after submission. We strive to offer you a suitable resolution within three weeks after receipt of your feedback.

3. We will contact you and provide written feedback on the agreements made. These agreements set a specific period within which we will implement any measures. After this, your comment will be officially closed.

4. If necessary or desired, we will implement improvement across the organisation, with the help of the managing director and regional manager. The Parents’ Committee will be involved in any changes if necessary.

What if you don't agree with the solution?
If your feedback is not resolved satisfactorily, you may contact the Childcare Complaints Office or the Disputes Board. You can also contact the Disputes Board directly if circumstances prevent you from submitting your feedback to those directly involved.

The Disputes Board is very accessible; you do not need a solicitor to contact the Board. The decision is binding.


Response form

Public annual report
The Public annual report on Customer Feedback describes the nature and processing method of customer feedback received over the previous year.

Download as PDF (dutch)