Toddler care rates (playgroup).

The costs for toddler care (playgroup) are dependent on your personal situation and the subsidies (each local authority has different subsidies). Almost all local authorities distinguish between (working) parents who are entitled to childcare benefit and parents who are not entitled to childcare benefit.

Not entitled to receive childcare allowance
If you do not make use of the childcare allowance via the Dutch Tax & Customs Administration (Dienst Toeslagen), the local authority will contribute to the costs for toddler care. You have to pay a parental contribution. How much this is depends on your total gross income and can vary for each local authority.

You can estimate your total gross income by multiplying your gross monthly salary by 13 (12 months + holiday allowance). The rates and the amount of your parental contribution can be found in the tables below.

Entitled to receive childcare allowance
If you are entitled to childcare allowance, please apply for it via the Dutch Tax & Customs Administration (Dienst Toeslagen). 

All rates listed are valid from 1 January until 31 December, subject to change. For the precise terms and conditions, please see our terms and conditions. For more information, contact our Planning and Advice department on (040) 294 89 89.

Would you like to know the exact costs?
Our calculation tool gives you the answers within a few minutes. Please note: you can only use this tool if you are entitled to childcare allowance. 

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