Pedagogical policy.

Download the Pedagogical policy framework of Wij zijn JONG. We give your child room to explore the world in its own unique way.


Pedagogical policy framework
Korein wants to make a positive contribution to the development of every child. We are working with the pedagogical policy framework of Wij zijn JONG.

Parenting objectives

We provide your child with guidance as it’s growing up, serving as your parenting partner. We would like to instill the following into children:

• Broaden your horizon
• Live a healthy and active life
• Be independent, social, and responsible

Interacting with each other

Children love to try new things. And they learn from each other; treating each other with respect, waiting your turn, sharing, and having fun. For this reason, many parents consciously choose Korein. For in a group, children develop social skills at a young age. 

View on childcare

What is our view on childcare? In short, we start from the following assumptions:

• Pedagogical staff members approach children with an open attitude and respond to their needs.
• We work in a development-oriented manner using a Systematic approach/VVE (early childhood education) (ages 0-4) as well as Activities (ages 0-13). Everything is tailored to your child’s age. We follow the development of your child using a Child tracking system. 
• Children are our core customers. We make comparative assessments in the children’s interests. They have a say, too. We call this children's participation.