Service products.

We offer additional service products at many branches. These are aimed at offering you some extra convenience and contributing to the development of your child. Our service products are:


Open access play.
We offer free open access play at a large number of our branches. This is where children from 0 years of age can play together with their parents and learn with other children from their neighbourhood.

Hot meal service.
Are you working a bit late? If so, our hot meal service is ideal. The biggest advantage is that rush hour at home is no longer a stressful situation. You child eats with us, mealtimes are cosy and fun, peaceful and healthy. 
The demand for this service dictates whether it is on offer at the branch. We check interest regularly, but please also feel free to mention it to one of our colleagues! 
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Extra support from KluppluZ. 
Some children need more support than we can offer in our daycare or out-of-school care. That is why we collaborate with KluppluZ. KluppluZ is there for children and young people who need extra support. If you would like to find out more, visit the KluppluZ website

Will we see you soon?

Thanks for finding us! You are warmly invited to come and experience the environment we create at any of our branches. Would you like to calculate the cost of childcare first? View our products and rates or use our calculation tool for a quick overview of costs! For personal advice, please call +31 (0)40 294 89 89.