Compensation in the event of closure.

You have received a notification from us about the temporary closure of a group or location. In this we indicate that you do not have to pay for the day(s) when you do not receive childcare due to closure. This is because you receive compensation if we have to close a group for a day or part of a day (e.g. due to staff shortages), even though you have paid for your child's care on that day. Compensation means that you get money refunded. You get money refunded because you paid for care you did not receive. For example, due to the temporary closure of a group or location. You can find out more about this on this page. 


The person who paid the bill will receive the compensation. So: 

Child daycare and out-of-school care: the parents receive the compensation. 

Toddler care, pre-school and early years education: 

  • If the parent paid the bill, then the parent receives compensation. 
  • If the parent and the municipal council each paid part of the bill, then the parents will receive compensation for the part that they paid. 

No, you only receive compensation for the children in the group that closes. There is no compensation for sisters and/or brothers who are in groups that remain open.

You will always receive the compensation one month after the closure. Example: if the group closes in January, you will be paid the compensation in February.

If the childcare location was closed and the hours your child spent at childcare were reduced due to this closure, you should report this to the Tax Administration within three months. If you don’t, you might have to pay back some of the childcare allowance later.

Notify the Tax Administration of how many hours your child attended childcare. Example: 
Your child usually spends 100 hours a month at the childcare location. In January, the childcare location was closed for one day. This meant that your child spent 4 hours less at childcare. So you need to amend the number of hours for January to 96 hours (100 – 4 = 96 hours).        

Notify the Tax Administration of the number of hours within three months. The easiest way to do this is in the Kinderopvangtoeslag app (Childcare allowance app). The Tax Administration will recalculate how much childcare allowance you will receive. 

If you don't receive any childcare allowance, then you don't have to notify the Tax Administration of anything. 

This can be found on the invoice we sent to you. You will find the number of hours on the far right of the invoice (under the heading ‘hours'). If your child attended childcare for fewer hours because the childcare was closed, you can also see that here. 

You pay a month in advance. Example: you receive the invoice for March at the end of February. If your child's group is closed in March, you will receive a separate invoice (= credit note) in April. This will tell you how much money you will get back from us. This amount will be credited to your account in April. If you have any outstanding invoices, the amount will be set against them. The remaining balance will be paid to your account.

Yes, you are entitled to compensation.