Lunchbreak care.

From 4 years.

Children develop best when they are happy in their own skin. An enjoyable break from school is certainly part of this. We make sure lunch is organised properly as well as fun. Would you like to find out if we provide lunchbreak care at your child’s primary school? Take a look at the list below.


At the moment lunchbreak care is only available on:

Basisschool De Sonnewijzer
door Korein Ruysdaelstraat


Energy and motivation for the rest of the afternoon.
Children eat their lunch under supervision, and they play and relax. Children should bring their own lunch. We play outside in the fresh air, enjoy the break and gather lots of energy for after.

Lunchbreak care is great for everyone: the children, parents and school. Any important issues are discussed with the school and recorded in an educational plan. For instance, we encourage healthy eating and plenty of exercise. After all, learning is easier when you are healthy!

Familiar faces.
Lunchbreak care is part of a day package. This package lets you choose the type(s) of childcare you need: before school, at lunchbreak and/or after school. Our care creates a continuous line of development that benefits your child’s growth and learning. Above all, your child has the same familiar faces around him or her throughout the day.

What should you bring?
We will make sure the lunchbreak is great. Because we want to focus on this, we do not provide food and drink during lunchbreak care. Children will need to bring their own lunch to school.

Does your child use lunchbreak care on set days? Or just once every now and then? You can create a schedule, quickly and easily with your login code via the Parent Portal. You choose the days you need.

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