Childcare benefit.

The childcare benefit is a contribution to childcare costs. You can apply for this benefit with the Tax Authorities.


Am I entitled to childcare benefit?
You are entitled to childcare benefit if you meet the conditions set by the government. Do you have a job or are you in a program to find a job? And is your and your partner’s total income below a certain limit? Then there’s a good chance you can apply for childcare benefit. Korein Kinderplein is a registered childcare organization, so the government will contribute to payment.

Where can I apply for childcare benefit?
You can apply for childcare benefit on the website of the Tax Authorities.

What will the amount of my childcare benefit be?
You can call us during office hours by dialing (040) 294 89 89. We are happy to calculate your childcare costs. The amount of childcare benefit depends on several factors. For example: your income, the number of hours you’re working, the hours of care, and the number of children that will go to Korein.

Call us for a tailored advice: 040 294 89 89

Calculate your net costs per month with our calculation tool.

The Association of Parents in Childcare.
BOinK, the Association of Parents in Childcare, has developed a number of tools for parents who explain childcare benefit. You can find these below.

Do you need help applying for childcare benefit? Then call the Tax Information Line on 0800 – 0543. You can also use this number to make an appointment with one of the advisers of the Tax and Customs Administration Benefits.

Practical Information.

Download the BOinK App here.

Am I entitled to childcare benefit?
When you are entitled to childcare benefit according to the Childcare Act, the government will help to pay for the childcare. You can easily calculate your personal gross and net costs with the calculation tool on our website.

Is it possible to transfer the childcare benefit directly to Korein?
No, the childcare allowance is transferred directly to your own account by the tax authorities.

My income is higher than € 123,000. Am I entitled to the childcare benefit?
Yes, you are entitled childcare benefit. You can easily calculate your gross and net costs with the calculation tool on our website.