Exchanging hours.

Children mostly come on fixed days to the day-care and after-school care. This is good for group stability and helps the children to feel safe, which is good for the facility's educational standards. However, occasionally your child might not be able to come, or you require incidental care on a different day than usual. If you register your child absent in good time, you will receive exchange-hours (for swapping days). The options for swapping days depend largely on your cooperation in reporting your child as absent in good time on normal childcare days. You also receive exchange-hours when a holiday falls on your contract day. This relates to days on which the childcare facility is closed as per the Childcare CLA: New Year's Day, Easter Monday, King's Day, Liberation Day (once every five years), Ascension Day, Whit Monday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. 


Rules exchanging hours

Children usually come to day care and out-of-school care on fixed days. This benefits the stability of the groups and the feeling of security experienced by children, and thereby the educational quality of the childcare. However, it may so happen that your child is unable to come, or that you require occasional care on a day other than the fixed care day. If you report your child’s absence on this day in good time, you will receive switch hours. The possibility of switching depends heavily on your cooperation in signing your child out for childcare days on which your child will be absent. You also receive switch days for public holidays which fall on your contract days. These are days on which, in accordance with the CAO Kinderopvang, the childcare centres are closed: New Year’s Day, Easter Monday, King’s Day, Ascension Day, Whit Monday, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day. We have drawn up the following rules of play for switching:
• In order to receive switch days, you must sign your child out at least 5 days prior to the care day in question via the parental portal. You may subsequently use this day on another occasion, in consultation with your location.
• If you know in advance that you are not going to use a certain day, you may also sign your child out for this day at an earlier stage. You may sign your child out up to 3 months in advance.
• Please note that when you sign your child out for a certain day at an early stage, this day may be made available as a switch day for another parent.
• You may submit a switch request up to 3 months in advance.
• Switch requests will be approved when there are sufficient places available at the location, while meeting legislative requirements. In other words, more than the maximum number of children allowed may not beaccom modated at the location, and the pedagogical staff member-child ratio may not be exceeded.
• You may cancel a switch request that has not yet been approved.
• An approved switch day may not be re-switched. You do not receive any switch hours if you ultimately fail to utilise this day.
• You may not switch occasional care.
• Switch hours cannot be switched between children.
• The exchange hours are still valid for 365 days after the day of care for which you have signed your child out.
• If your child switches from day care to out-of-school care, any switch hours accrued from the day care are no longer valid.
• If the childcare contract is terminated, the switch hours accrued are no longer valid. After the last contract day, you may no longer use switch hours.
• Accrued switch hours remain valid if your child switches location during the year.
• If you use more childcare in 1 day than the number of switch hours which you have accrued, you will receive an invoice for all of the hours. It is not possible to use switch hours for part of a day. In addition, you may not use potential future switch hours to make up the balance.
• You must always sign your child out for at least one partday or day, for which you receive switch hours. You may not sign your child out for irregular numbers of hours.
• If you use acquired switch hours after the termination of the childcare contract, you will receive an invoice for Occasional Care.
• You may not ask for a refund for unused switch hours.

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