Exchanging hours.

The exchange service, and the limited options for using exchange hours in particular, creates a lot of upheaval in the group. It also creates an extra workload for our teaching assistants. For this reason, it will no longer be possible to accrue exchange hours beginning 1 January 2023. Previously accrued exchange hours will remain valid for 365 days after the cancelled day and can be used up to and including 31 December 2023.

  • A request to use credit hours can be submitted by you through the Parent Portal at any time.
  • The request can be submitted up to three months in advance. The time it takes to process a request varies by childcare location.
  • The Parent can cancel a request to use credit hours if it has not yet been approved; no credit hours will then be deducted.
  • If the Parent cancels an approved request, the Parent will not receive any credit hours.
  • Requests to use credit hours are treated on a first come, first served basis to ensure fairness.
  • A request is only approved if there is sufficient space in the group and it complies with legislation, regulations, and our procedures, i.e. only if the maximum number of children permitted at the location by law and the staff-to-child ratio are not exceeded. The quality of our service is paramount.
  • We will strive to provide your child with a place within the child’s usual group. If there is only room in another group, we will always ask first whether you wants to take this up.
  • Credit hours are valid for 365 days from the date on which the credit hours were accrued. We always uses the credit hours built up first.

  • Credit hours can be used once. If your child does not arrive on the agreed day, you cannot use those credit hours again.

  • If you changes the childcare location, they may carry over the credit hours.

  • If your child is moving from daycare to out-of-school care, the credit hours built up through daycare will lapse.

  • If the agreement is terminated, the credit hours accrued will lapse. You will then no longer be able to use the credit hours after the last day of the agreement. If you attempt to use credit hours after the agreement is terminated, these are no longer valid, and you will receive an invoice for those hours.

  • Credit hours are specific to a child.

  • If you receive more childcare hours on a given day than the number of credit hours available, you will receive an invoice for all childcare hours, and no credit hours will be used on this day.

  • You may only use credit hours that have already been accrued.

  • Credit hours are not redeemable for money.

Can I have my exchange hours paid out?
No, exchange is a service. 

  • We count on your child on the fixed day.
  • On that day, we deploy the legally required number of employees.
  • You will therefore not receive a refund if your child does not come for a day.

Can I use my exchange hours after I have canceled my contract?
No, this is not possible. As soon as the contract ends, the accrued exchange hours expire.

Are accrued exchange hours transferable?
No, exchange hours are linked to a contract. This means that you cannot pass on accrued exchange hours to another child, not even in your family. This also applies if your child transfers from day care to out-of-school care. You cannot take the exchange hours with you to the out-of-school care.

How does the parent portal work?
Read more about the parent portal here.

Why is it (almost) not possible to exchange a day
Lately it has become more and more difficult for us to fulfill an exchange request. This is due to the national staff shortage and high absenteeism due to illness. We also want to always deliver the quality you are used to from us. You can still exchange, just less often than we would like.

I sometimes hear that other children have been opted out. Why is there no place to take care of my child and use exchange hours?
Sometimes we hear (too) late that other children are not coming. We have already told you that we have to reject your request to exchange.

We sometimes choose to deploy employees differently. For example, we let them replace a sick colleague or do tasks that improve the quality of the reception.

Why can't my child be cared for in a different group if I want to use exchange hours?
The composition of the group and the deployment of personnel is subject to laws and regulations. For example, no more than the maximum allowed number of children may be taken care of in a group and at a location. The number of children that an employee may take care of is also determined by law. This is called the BKR ratio, we are checked on it by the GGD.

In addition, we think it is important that children feel safe and familiar in a group. We try to switch between groups as little as possible.

I have another question about exchanges. Where can I ask this question?
Our customer advisors are ready to answer your questions. View all contact options.


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