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As is always the case when it comes to safety issues – we are following the advice of the authorities in the relevant field. In this case, that is the Netherlands National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM).

Status 21-7-2021 17.00 uur: 

Our locations are open.

The government has announced that corona rules will be eased from 26 June. This means we can also ease some of the measures we have in place at our locations. And that makes us feel great after all this time of tighter and tighter rules.

Lunchbreak care
In the interest of safety, health and compliance with the national childcare guidelines, we are examining the options for offering lunchbreak care per location.

No more cohorts/bubbles
From 26 June 2021, childcare facilities no longer have to work with ‘bubbles’ (or cohorts). This means we don’t have to keep groups separate during outdoor play or other joint activities from this date.

Face masks are no longer mandatory, including at childcare locations
There will be no need to wear a face masks in places where social distancing is possible. This also includes our locations.

Parents at our locations
The easing of the rules will make it possible for us to welcome you, the parent, at our locations once again. This will only be possible in locations where we can stick to the 1.5-metre rule. We will look at the individual options for each location, and send you more information in due course.

Decision tree - is childcare available for my child?
Please note that your child can only come to daycare if he or she has no symptoms. The BOinK decision tree helps you to find out if your child can come to the childcare centre. Please check carefully before dropping off your child. Because: if one person from the group gets the coronavirus, the entire group could possibly have to self-isolate. This would have a significant impact on the children, on you and other parents, and on our team.

Exchanging hours and incidental extra childcare
Offering exchange hours is an extra service that we are happy to provide. Its continuation, especially in this challenging time for staffing, is not self-evident. We have chosen to continue to offer the service - subject to corona measures.
Exchanging hours and requests for incidental extra childcare are subject to the existing rules, also when it comes to the validity period of exchange hours. Because we have to comply with coronavirus guidelines, the options for both exchanging hours and incidental extra childcare are limited.

If your child is quarantined according to the current guidelines and is therefore not allowed to come to the shelter, the same rules apply as if your child is unable to come due to illness. That means you can unsubscribe your child up to five days before the day in question to receive exchange hours. You can only unsubscribe via the parent portal or the app.

During the lockdown, including the holidays, it has not been possible to accrue exchange hours. The reason for this is that parents are already fully reimbursed through the reimbursement scheme.

We can get corona under control together
Now the rules are being relaxed there will be more space everywhere in society. That puts a smile on our faces. But it is still a big challenge to make sure there are enough pedagogic team members available. As such, it is important that we respect the rules that are still in place. So:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly and often.
  • Please stay 1.5m away from others.
  • If you have symptoms, stay at home and get tested immediately.Keep the drop-off and pick-up times short.
  • Bring and pick up your child alone.
  • Follow the walking routes.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Which websites provide more general information?


Can my child go to childcare?
BOINK (Association of Parents in Childcare) developed a decision tree in collaboration with RIVM, among others. With the decision tree, parents can assess whether or not a child can go to childcare.

The latest version of the decision tree can be downloaded on the BOINK-website (english version available).

Take a look at the decision tree before bringing your child to daycare. If somebody from the group catches coronavirus, it is likely that the whole group has to go into quarantine. This has a major impact on the children, you and other parents, and our colleagues.

Due to further tightening of contact tracing and the quarantine policy for children, it may be necessary for (parts of) groups to quarantine at home for the time being. Do I have to keep paying during the quarantine period?

Everyone will agree that it is not ideal that children are not able to come to daycare, whatever the reason is. If (part of) a group at one of our locations has to quarantine at home unexpectedly, we request that parents continue to pay their invoices.

The reason for this is that our location remains open as usual, even though (part of) a group is in quarantine. As such, daycare would be provided as normal if quarantine was not needed.

This means the situation is different from a complete closure during lockdown periods (still in place for out-of-school care). During this closure, enforced by the government, we were simply unable to deliver childcare because our locations were closed. This was resolved by way of the government’s compensation scheme. The government has not yet announced whether there will be any reimbursement of costs in quarantine situations. We will inform you as soon as we have more information.

Childcare allowance will continue as normal as long as you pay your invoices.

Together with you, we will do everything we can to keep our locations open and minimise the risk of infection as much as possible, so that we can continue to care for your children at our locations.

In 2020 I was able to work fewer hours per month than expected. Will this affect the calculation of my childcare allowance?
Parents who were able to work fewer hours per month than expected will receive childcare allowance for the childcare hours they have continued to pay in 2020.

To this end, the government has broadened the number of hours for which parents can receive childcare allowance for the year 2020. This measure prevents parents who have worked fewer hours as a result of the corona crisis from getting into trouble. More information about this can be found on this government website (dutch text only).


Do you have any other questions?
Do you have a question that has not been answered despite this information? Then ask this via e-mail to info@korein.nl.